Adventure Duck 3 Book Set (vs The Armadillo Army/vs Power Pug/vs The Wicked Walrus)

Adventure Duck 3 Book Set (vs The Armadillo Army/vs Power Pug/vs The Wicked Walrus)

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This package includes the first 3 books in the Adventure Duck series.

Adventure Duck vs Power Pug

Adventure Duck didn't ask for greatness. All he wanted was his nest on the duckpond and plenty of soggy bread to eat. But when a meteor gives him superpowers, he knows he must fly into battle and defeat the forces of evil.
Every superhero needs a nemesis, and Adventure Duck finds a pint-sized one in Power Pug. This tiny arch-villain is plotting to take over the world with his hypnotic stare and an army of hench-animals. Luckily, Adventure Duck has helpers, too. There's Yoki - a mystical, moustachioed egg - and Neon Zebra, Adventure Duck's karate-kicking sidekick.
Can Adventure Duck and his friends stop Power Pug in this egg-ceptionally funny, action-packed adventure?

Adventure Duck vs The Armadillo Army

Ay, caramba! Adventure Duck and his zebra sidekick, Ziggy, have a tasty new mission in Mexico. Their nemesis, Power Pug, has a dastardly new scheme to control the world's chocolate supply. With the help of a llama with projectile spit, Adventure Duck and Ziggy set out to foil the pug's nefarious plans to dig up the rainforest to build an enormous chocolate factory. But Armando the Commando and his army of armadillos stands in their way...
Can the superhero amigos find a chink in the armadillos' armour and save the world from DEATH BY CHOCOLATE?

Adventure Duck vs The Wicked Walrus

There's no ducking out - an Arctic space race is on and Adventure Duck must defeat his new nemesis, the Wicked Walrus!
Adventure Duck fluffs up his feathers and heads to the North Pole, where his ice-hearted enemy, Power Pug, has taken over a secret space base. The pug's latest hench-animal, a super-smart walrus, is building a rocket to blast his master into space. But if it launches, the whole Arctic will be wiped out! Can Adventure Duck and his new friend - an (occasionally) invisible reindeer - stop Power Pug from expanding his evil empire using mind control ice lollies?

ISBN: 9781408369081

Published Date: January 1, 2020

Publisher: Orchard Books

Language: English

Size: 7.75" l x 5.58" w x 1.35" h

Age Classification: Ages 6 to 8